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Overview of Hostel

No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, Terschelling always surprises. The islands landscape is incredibly diverse: woods, moors, beach, dunes, salt marshes, pastures and endless dykes along the sea. The many bicycle and walking paths lead you to the most beautiful places and reveal

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Public transport
Take the train or (interliner) bus to Harlingen-Haven station. This is where you board the ferry to Terschelling. The journey by regular boat lasts two hours; by speedboat it takes 45 minutes. When you arrive on Terschelling walk along the bicycle path to the hostel. Or you can take a bus; every route goes past the hostel. Get off at the Dellewal stop.

Train planner
To plan your train trip to Harlingen Harbour (haven), please use the NS-reisplanner (

From Harlingen-Harbour, take the Rederij Doeksen ferry. The regular ferry trip takes about 2 hours. There is also a faster line that takes 45 minutes. De times are dependent on the season, call 0900-3635736 for more information.

Private transport
Go to Harlingen. If you are travelling by car, its a good idea to reserve a place on the ferry. Bear in mind that ferry service to the island is limited. Departure times depend on the season. For more information, please ring Doeksen ferries on +31(0)900-3635736..

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Terschelling boasts breathtaking natural areas with rare flora and fauna. You can explore on your own or take a field trip with a forester, or traipse along the sea or take a horse-drawn wagon ride. For seasoned hikers we recommend trekking to the easternmost point of the island. The little villages of West-Terschelling, Midsland and Hoorn illustrate the rich history of the island. You can even go island-hopping and take the boat to Vlieland.

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city tax not included and pay upon arrival, €1,70 per person per night. Member discounts are not available for members of Stayokay or Hostelling International as part of this booking. •Children under 12 years, is only allowed on private (family) rooms toghether with parents. •Childeren aboven 12 years but under 18 years is allowed to stay in a shared room, but only in company of an adult •Children under 18 years are allowed in company of an adult. PLEASE NOTE-Cancellations: If a reservation is made for one or more individuals, the following applies with respect to the cancellation of said reservation: -If the cancellation is made before 3pm on the day before arrival, the guest is not obliged to pay anything to Stayokay. -For cancellation after 3pm on the day before arrival, the guest will be required to pay Stayokay 100% of the reservation price.