Hostel des Bernardins Informations

Hostel des Bernardins welcomes you anytime summer as winter..

Open 24h/7 days a week since 1948, Hostel des Bernardins is located in the Latin Quarter, the real heart of the city, very closed to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Non elevator, rooms from 1 to 10 beds. Basic and simple rooms, shower in the

From Nights People
By bus, taxi

Informations about Hostel des Bernardins

If you're looking for a hostel in Paris with any sort of atmosphere or perks, you might want to keep on walking by the Hostel des Bernardins (formerly known as the Centre International BVJ Paris-Quartier Latin). If you're an experienced hosteller that knows they need a bed and not much else, though, the Bernardins could make for a sensible choice, and its ultra-central location might help save money and time.