Hlemmur Square

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Laugavegur 105, Reykjavik, Iceland




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We are backpackers. Passionate backpackers. We stay exclusively in hostels. We have bunkbeds in our homes. We own towels that have been to more countries than the average Canadian. And more than 50% of our facebook friends are backpackers we got drunk with that one time in Dublin, or that other time in Ediburgh, or Paris, or London, or in Stockholm, or in Prague, no scratch that, I got too drunk in Prague to remember anybody. The point I‘m trying to make is that we love hostels.

With that in our hearts, we made Hlemmur Square. With free shampoo and soap. With free wifi. And with beds that will never squeak. With mattraces that are thicker than a good milkshake, and softer than a baby panda, that are then topped with free linen. If you haven‘t read the Guide and find yourself lacking a towel, our deluxe rooms have those included as well as bathrobes. And all of this we put into rooms that could easily have two extra bunks, but won‘t. We leave that extra space for play.

We also have a bigger selection of beer than any other hostel in Iceland. In fact, it would take you at least two weeks to try them all and live to tell the tale. We are also aware of the fact that backpackers are on a budget so we offer plenty of discounts and special offers at our bar.

And one more thing that we are extremely proud of is our non local staff. Yes, you read that right. We are non locals. We are tourists. We‘ve seen Iceland through your eyes. We‘ve discovered places that Icelanders knew nothing about. And then we used Icelanders to learn the rest.

And we will try our best to get you a free pancake during your stay.

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