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Miami Music Week

March 16 to March 22, 2002

Miami Music Week is probably one of the Top World’s electronic music events.  It will be playing in Miami Florida in March. The different…

Amsterdam closer to London

Fast move

Amsterdam closer to London A new fast way to travel from Amsterdam to London.A fast speed connection will be available soon to connect Amsterdam to…

5 New sport at Tokyo2020

Tokyo add new events

Tokyo 2020. The countdown has begun. The inauguration of the XXXII Olympic Games of the modern era, which will be hosted in Tokyo, the Japanese…

New York City

Guide Concrete Jungle

From Central Park to the Empire State Building, New York is no doubt one of the most enticing cities in the world. The long list of attractions bring…



SIX BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN MEXICO CITYMexico City is the most visited city in Latin America and isn’t a surprise for us, it is big…
Munich or Munchen

Bavarian capital

The name of the City is derived from the old middle high German term Munichen, meaning By The Monks. It derives from the Monks of the Benedictine…