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1515 Pacific Avenue, Los Angeles, USA




Check in date

WELCOME: Life's a Beach - JOIN US.
10% OFF NIGHTS & FREE NIGHT SPECIAL: December/January.
When you Renew your Stay in VBH–at Desk!
10% Off Each Night of your Renewal; or
Free Night-Renew for a Week!
Details/requirements at VBH check-in

ALL INCLUDED: Breakfast- Dinner- Computer: Internet &
Wi - Fi !
Wake up to - BREAKFAST; Play all day & return to - DINNER; Relax in your Room with - INTERNET (COMPUTER) & WI-FI.
All Rooms en Suite.

All your needs included with your bed:
* we are the only local hostel including all this
* we beat the price/cost of any other hostel in area if you use the internet & eat!
Enjoy Venice Beach Hostel life & Enjoy the best value on the Beach!
** Computer & Internet Access -- In Your Rooms **
** Wi-Fi in Commons Room & on Room Floors**
** Food included - Breakfast & Dinner: Details Below **
** All Rooms - En Suite (with Bathrooms) **


Venice Beach Hostel will be starting a Rewards Program for our Loyal Returning or Renewing Guests !
Inquire at Reception.
It may include, e.g.:
* Free Bike use
* Free Board use
* Free Beer use (ha! you don't buy beer; you only rent it !)

Venice Beach Hostel has a Creative Community Program : contribute your creativity : Everyone Can Win !
Inquire at Reception.

Our Amenities


All Rooms - private & shared - are small apartments; with their own bathrooms!!
All Rooms Have included Computer in room with Internet Access (Ethernet) - and included building commons Wireless Access (Wi FI)!!


2 Common Recreation Rooms: Internet, Piano, Wii; Lockers, TV, Pool Table.
Commons Has included Internet WI-FI Access!!
Laundry Room - available to guests after hostel cleaning/laundry.

Lockers Available; Safety Box Available In Office.
Safes - Available in private rooms (most)
Skateboard Lockers


Large Kitchen - Good Cooking & Dining Area.

And remember - The MEALS Provided for you -- the food :
BREAKFAST - Pancakes & Waffles & Syrup, egg or orange (occasional / seasonal), home fry potatoes; or bread; margarine, jam; Coffee & Tea.
DINNER - Pasta & pasta sauce or Veggie Chili & Rice or (if cold) Soups (alternating nights).
Potatoes,Onions, Oil, tortillas; & Spices, Condiments, etc.
Coffee & Tea.
Popcorn in TV & pool room
You cook for yourself with our food and save over eating out on meal program!

Hostel Pricing & Reservations
(1) Prices: cash prices quoted - without tax (14%), add-ons, deposit; non-cash payment pricing;
(2) Due at check-in: balance of price; tax, refundable security deposit; card use charge is extra.
(3) PLEASE NOTE: (a) If you have already contacted hostel directly and we have sent a Reservation Form - you must reserve through hostel and not an outside Reservation Service, such as here. The outside Reservation Service charges us a 10% commission - your deposit - to them. Such reservation and/or - deposit - commission is not honored if you had previously contacted hostel and we have sent you our info or sent a reservation info form.
(b) Renewals of guests in hostel may only be done in hostel; not through outside reservation services.
(4) Holiday Periods (incl. its weekend): added charge in hostel per night. Shared - $3 and Private - $6; added person/private - $3.
(5) Meal program is separate. Breakfast and dinner and internet service prices are just included in reservation price, here. (Reservation service can't separate items.)

Venice Beach Hostel Rules and Regulations (R&R'S) apply.
Important R & R'S (Not all ; all available from VBH Office) e.g.:
(1a) Cancellation is 72 hours (3 days) prior to arrival date. No partial cancellation of reservation dates; no cancellation of holidays or holiday weekends dates.
(1b) Cancellation only by email or other writing.
(2) Reservations may be required to be fully paid in advance when reserving: (a) with credit card expiring before date; (b) more that 1 private room; (c) 4 or more beds; (d) more than 1 week; (e) less than VBH cancellation period; (f) in high season; (g) third party credit card provided; (h) more than three months in advance. Credit card provided will be used. Refundable deposit will be due at check-in.
(3) Debit Card Reservations are to be fully paid upon receipt of reservation and in advance.
(4) Children are welcome. Children may only be in private rooms and with parent or authorized adult.
(5) Proper & valid picture ID required. International travelers: passport; U.S. Travelers: driver's license. VBH reserves the right to refuse service.
(6) Special rules/limits apply for locals and non-travelers in shared rooms: contact hostel and read R & R's before reserving for shared. This reservation service is only for foreign & out-of state travelers who are continuing travels. All others must contact VBH directly to confirm reservation and verify that they are non-locals & travelers.
(7) No Drug Use Policy. No drugs allowed in VBH; no drug use in or about VBH. Immediate removal and no refunds if this is violated.

* Special Note Re Our Internet,etc.: It Is an extra Service; We are small, no IT staff & we are not techies - so if it goes down; or machines break do not expect that it will be instantly fixed - or that we can do anything about it during your stay. There are no refunds There is extra WI-FI in Commons and halls.

Thanks Again For Taking The Time.
- And To Really Enjoy -- Please Reserve & enjoy Venice Beach and Venice Beach Hostel!

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