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SPAIN Few countries can produce such a profound nostalgic feeling when you leave them as Spain can. This land in the southwest of Europe has much more to offer than you can imagine. Famous for sunny beaches, sinfully delicious dishes, and energy-boosting "siestas," Spain also offers snowy mountains to the north, architectural jewels from the times of the Mores invasion in the south, and great nightlife all over the country. Let yourself fall in love with this wonderful people who will welcome you as a life-long friend and discover with us the hottest spots in this generous country. Hostel in Europe Network

Area: 505.988 Km2
Population: 41.117.000
Density: 81 pop/Km2

System of government: Parliamentary monarchy
Capital: Madrid (2.957.000 pop., 5.085.000 urban aggl.)
Major cities: Barcelona 1.505.000 pop. (3.765.000 urban aggl.), Valencia 747.000 pop. (1.398.000 urban aggl.), Sevilla 703.000 pop. (1.180.000 urban aggl.), Zaragoza 611.000 pop., Malaga 534.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Spanish (with Catalan, Galician and Basque) 97,8%, European 0,9%, African 0,6%, others 0,7%
Border countries: Portugal WEST, France and Andorra NORTH-EAST, Morocco (Ceuta and Melilla) SOUTH, Gibraltar (United Kingdom) SOUTH

Principal mountains: Pico de Teide 3718 m (Canary), Mulhacén 3478 m, Pico de Aneto 3404 m
Principal rivers: Ebro 910 Km, Tagus 790 Km (spanish tract, total 1007 Km), Guadiana 778 Km (total, with portuguese tract), Duero 700 Km (spanish tract, total 895 Km), Guadalquivir 657 Km
Principal lakes: Embalse de Alcantara (artificial)
Principal islands: Canary 7447 Km2 (Tenerife 2034 Km2, Fuerteventura 1660 Km2, Great Canary 1560 Km2, Lanzarote 846 Km2, La Palma 708 Km2), Balears 4992 Km2 (Mallorca 3640 Km2)
Climate: Oceanic - temperate

Language: Spanish (official), Catalan, Galician, Basque, Valencian (officials in respective regions: Cataluña, Galicia, Basque Country and Communidad Valencian)
Religion: Catholic 99%
Currency: Euro (€)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 6/1, 19/3, 1/5, 15/8, 12/10, 1/11, 6/12, 8/12, 25/12
Dialling code: 0034
GMT: +1

World Heritage List:

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